Jodene Moore

Dr. Jodene Moore

Flow Cyometry Director, Department of Systems Biology
Jodene Moore

Jodene Moore, Ph.D. has been the director of Flow Cytometry in the Harvard Department of Systems Biology since 2008. During that time she has provided training and advice to investigators regarding experimental design of polychromatic analysis and sorting, the development of flow cytometric protocols, and the use of instruments and software, including the CyTOF2 Mass Cytometer, BD FACSCantoII, BD SORP LSRII, Stratedigm Analyzer, Sony SH800Z Sorter, and FACSAriaIIu. She also maintains the Systems Biology Flow Core Facility website. Previously she has held positions as the Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager at Temple University and as a Technical Applications Specialist at BD Biosciences (Pharmingen) in San Diego. Jodene earned her PhD in Immunology from the University of Colorado, Health Sciences Center. 

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Office: Goldenson 113
p: 617-432-7484